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Velux Solar Powered Venting Skylight Installation


VELUX Skylights Installation With Our Roof Experts

A stylish and useful addition to any kind of property, whether it be residential, commercial, or industrial, are roof skylights. You can choose the skylights that best match your property or even have them custom manufactured to meet the arrangement because they come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and styles. Hiring roof experts is crucial since installing skylights can sometimes need more work than you may realize, including framing, dry walling, painting, flashing, and possibly even electrical work.

We install skylights in rooms that aren’t drafty since we employ the best-in-class products that yield outstanding outcomes. We install a skylight that blends in well with the building to keep your house warm using your current roof.

In the event that your skylight was installed poorly, Bros Roofing can tip the odds in your favor and provide a repair that will bring your skylight back to full operational effectiveness. We offer a range of services to help with skylight installation and maintenance, and we have experience dealing with skylights of various sizes and forms.

Eco-friendly Roof Skylights: Supposed to offer up to 100% more light than conventional vertical windows, roof skylights let in 100% of the natural light in your house. You’ll discover that you need significantly less heat and interior lighting during the winter, which will save you money on your energy costs.

Hire Us for High-Quality Skylight Installation in Toronto
We have popular brands of skylights (Velux or Columbia and others) that have taken the market by storm. By hiring Bros Roofing to install your skylight, you can make sure it doesn’t leak and get the most out of the windows. Give our office a call at 647-966-9678 to begin your new skylight project with a professional quote and consultation.

Skylight Replacement

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