Childhood Passion Turned Into Successful Business

2023-03-11 07:32

Childhood Passion Turned Into Successful Business:
The Bros Roofing Success Story

It’s the season of Best of Awards – we recently announced HomeStars the best of best of Awards 2023! So for this HomeStars’ Success Story, we decided to talk to Kevin, owner of Bros Roofing, about their journey with HomeStars and their Best of the Best award win in 2023. As this is awarded to pros who have won the Best of Award three times in a row, Bros Roofing has established itself as one of the leading roofing companies in the city with this award – here’s what they had to say about their business, their journey with HomeStars, winning the award and more!

Let’s Start At The Beginning…

The story of Bros Roofing’s beginnings is as interesting as it gets – when Kevin Zhuang, owner of Bros Roofing, immigrated to Canada as a teenager, he used to live in a rented townhouse along with his family. During winter and rains, he often noticed a leaky roof which was never fully repaired in spite of seeking help – which led them to move houses. This and a childhood interest in the construction industry propelled Kevin to pursue a career in the roof construction industry. Armed with a sincere passion and love for the industry, he was determined to work hard and never stop learning to be at the forefront of the industry. Whether it was repair or replacement, he lead his team to help people in need and solve problems efficiently.

Thoughts On Being An Industry Leader…

Thoughts On Being An Industry Leader

The key to being successful and establishing the brand as an industry leader has been the combination of professional skills and effective communication, according to Kevin. His dedication to learning new skills shines through his work and helps take the business forward.

Tips On Getting Good Reviews…

According to Kevin, there is no shortcut to getting sincere reviews from clients – the only way to get good reviews is to ensure that you help the customers and solve their problems. He has often come across clients who have hired pros but have not been satisfied with the results. So it is crucial for them to make sure that every client is satisfied and their issue is resolved. They fall back on their experience, expertise and skills and pay attention to details to solve roofing issues. Kevin also adds, “Every business wants to make money but you must persevere in serving your customers first.”

Tips On Getting Good Reviews

Thoughts On Ensuring Customer Satisfaction…

“One good turn deserves another – be a friend to your customers and solve their problems. That is the only way to ensure 100% customer satisfaction every time.”


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