What Should I Do If A Tree Fell On My Roof?

2022-12-14 23:20

Roof Damage from a Fallen Tree

Hail, wind, and lightning can all cause damage to your home. At Bros.  Roofing, we see homes around the Louisville area damaged every year by falling trees, and we would like to help you through this headache that many people suffer.

Does insurance cover the damage done by fallen trees?

Most insurance companies will cover fallen tree damage at a rate of $1000 per tree fallen in a storm. There may be stipulations based on the damage done to your home, or if the tree has fallen in an inconvenient place, such as across your driveway. While most insurance companies will cover the expenses of tree removal and the various repairs accompanying the damage caused by a fallen tree, it is always best to contact your insurance provider to see what is exactly covered under your homeowners insurance policy.

Who do I call? What are the steps I have to take?

Call your insurance company first. Gather from them what will be covered (i.e. tree removal, roof repair, roof replacement, construction costs), and from there begin calling the appropriate companies. The main cost associated with fallen trees is almost always roof damage. Fallen trees could cause you to repair a small area, or to have to replace the entire roof. Though this cost may be greater, roofing companies like Bros. Roofing can not repair or replace the roof until the tree has been removed. When you have chosen your tree removal company, give Bros.Roofing a call and we will work hand in hand with them to assure that your roof repairs are done as soon as possible. We know the inconvenience that can be caused by that monster tree in your front yard coming through your bedroom ceiling, and Bros. Roofing is here to get your life back to normal as soon as possible. Once we are connected with your tree removal company, you can sit back and relax. 

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